Experience Beautiful Beaujolais!

Beaujolais: one territory, several destinations!

You’ll be amazed by the diversity and richness of our landscapes. Enjoy unique and intense experiences, and share pleasant moments that combine the trèsBeaujolais way of life and traditional celebrations.

Savour our region with local dishes and wines. Be fascinated by our history, with heritage and culture. Discover the activities and expertise related to our natural resources.

Experience and share the trèsBeaujolais way of life, leave with Beautiful memories and return, with your family or friends, to visit and experience new and great sensations: other great surprises await you!

Great leasure outdoor activities, so sensational
A beautiful vineyard, gourmet & so earthy
A beautiful heritage & culture, so emotional
Nice places, a warm welcome, warm atmosphere
The Beaujolais GEOPARK : get curious !
A very nice, all year round program


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