Find images and/or relive the trèsBeaujolais territorial co-brand’s key moments, from its creation to its launch on 9 April 2015 in the Orangery at Château des Ravatys in Saint-Lager.
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Birth of a brand – Evening launch party of the trèsBeaujolais co-brand – 09/04/2015 – Château des Ravatys, Saint-Lager

Bernard PIVOT – trèsBeaujolais’ No. 1 supporter!
Interview with Mr. Stéphane GUYON, Sub-Prefect of Villefranche arrondissement
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The territorial co-brand is being talked about on the radio too! Feedback on a collaborative project with local economic stakeholders.
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 The Beaujolais territorial co-brand / interviews with Jean-Baptiste MAISONNEUVE, President of Cluster Beaujolais and Jean-Marc DEVANNE, CoManaging – 18 June 2014
 Cluster Beaujolais / interview “Entreprendre en Beaujolais / CCI Beaujolais”, Jean-Baptiste MAISONNEUVE, President of Cluster Beaujolais – 7 May 2015


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