Develop something Beautiful.

Beaujolais: nice work! Great contracts!

Learning and training throughout your professional life are the conditions for a great, highly professional career and work.
A great learning experience for great, meticulous work.
Great training for great, highly productive work.

The Beaujolais territory makes all the resources available to you to enable you to achieve fine objectives, excellent and high quality work, and wonderful, highly accomplished projects.

Beaujolais, a beautiful career, very professional

Beaujolais, high yielding agricultural land
Beaujolais, valuable learning experience
Beaujolais, the place to study

A brand which really listens

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A network-focused brand

Cluster trèsBeaujolais 317 Bd Gambetta - CS 70427 - 69654 Villefranche sur Saône Cedex
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