The brand’s objectives

The major challenge for the trèsBeaujolais territorial brand is to provide the Beaujolais territory with a powerful and collective resource to increase the attractiveness and for economic development, it is for the use of companies, regional authorities and local associations which are striving to increase the status of and develop the Beaujolais territory on a day-to-day basis.

Beaujolais has an identity to promote as a territory, through which it can meet the challenges that lie ahead, starting with:

  • The balance between all the economic sectors in the territory and the wine sector, which is now predominant in terms of reputation and image;
  • The development of synergies within sectors and between sectors to the benefit of local economic development, or how to do even better together;
  • The strengthening of relations with the city of Lyon and the construction of an effective partnership based on the respective complementarities of the two territories.

A brand which really listens

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A network-focused brand

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