The ambition of the trèsBeaujolais territorial co-brand is to become the symbol of a Beaujolais which is evolving towards a model of sustainable and qualitative development focused on respect for the territory (our natural environment) and respect for the people (inhabitants, but also visitors).

The trèsBeaujolais brand provides the guarantee of an everyday commitment through a civic-minded and responsible approach to Beaujolais and its inhabitants. It is the guarantee of:

  • the ‘Beaujolais’ origin of the company, i.e. its physical location in the heart of the territory
  • the ‘Beaujolais’ origin of the manager, its employees, i.e. their daily appropriation of the territory, in terms of their actions, communications, relations, etc.
  • the ‘Beaujolais’ origin of the products or services, i.e. the assurance that a significant share of the added value is produced in the territory
  • the high level of quality of the products or services
  • taking into account and considering environmental issues, in the broad sense (sustainable, social, ecological development, etc.)

A brand which really listens

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A network-focused brand

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