Why become a supporter?
Development of a company and development of a territory are very closely linked: the dynamic of one directly influences the dynamic of the other…
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Both company and territory are mutually strengthened through the implementation of a shared strategy: the territory becomes more attractive, attracting new skills and know-how, which increases companies’ capacity for innovation further still… It is a virtuous circle.
Let’s not forget our roots: an attractive territory is rich because of the diversity of its economic activities in a dynamic where there is an inter-sector network dynamic. The Beaujolais territory has the advantage of benefiting from a varied economic fabric, where inter-sector network dynamics are a reality. Reflected, for example, by industry which set up here in the past to benefit from the dynamism of the wine sector (their leading market), and which has since innovated and diversified into other markets (health/medical, agri-food, etc.) using the know-how consequently acquired. Or indeed reflected by the tourism sector which now knows how to benefit from the rich diversity of economic activities and steer its offer towards wine tourism or industrial tourism. We need to capitalise on our strengths to work together towards the Beaujolais of tomorrow, because the attractiveness and economic development of the Beaujolais territory and its companies is everyone’s business, because everyone at their own level, with their means, and through their work every day already contributes to this development, because we will always be stronger together… we should make the values that characterise our territory known, we should pool our resources, we should share our strategic vision of the Beaujolais territory of tomorrow.
The trèsBeaujolais territorial co-brand is a powerful resource which can be used in the service of the territory’s attractiveness and economic development and therefore its companies. This resource is yours.


for who?
The territorial co-brand is targeting all companies (all sectors), sports and cultural associations, institutions and regional authorities:
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The territorial co-brand is targeting all companies (all sectors), sports and cultural associations, institutions and regional authorities:
Set up in the Beaujolais territory
• Appropriating the territory on a daily basis through their actions, communications, etc.
• A significant share of whose added value is produced in the territory
• Offering a quality product and/or services offer
• Being involved in the environmental issues in a broad sense, etc.

Ask for the charter of commitment form to the brand :


the brand committee
the Brand Committee approves requests to use the trèsBeaujolais territorial co-brand.
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The Brand Committee meets regularly (at least once a month) to approve requests to use the trèsBeaujolais territorial co-brand. It is made up of all the governing members of the trèsBeaujolais brand behind the initiative and who were involved in its creation:
• The Beaujolais Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• Destination Beaujolais (tourism sector in Beaujolais)
• Inter Beaujolais (inter-professional body for the Beaujolais wine sector)
• The Syndicat Mixte Beaujolais (a public-private entity)
• The Rhône Chamber of Agriculture
• The Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Tarare Delegation


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